With his arms outstretched over the city, the Christ The Redeemer is the most beautiful symbol of Rio de Janeiro and the most famous postcard of Brazil. Located atop the Corcovado hill, 710 meters (2319,4 ft) above sea level, up there what you see is pure bliss: Copacabana, Ipanema, Leblon, Botanical Gardens, the Jockey Club, the Lagoon, in short, a Rio de Janeiro with his breathtaking scenery and unique.

This Postal Card is 38 meters (124,6 ft), had its cornerstone was laid in 1922 and its opening on October 12, 1931. In 2007, Christ the Redeemer was chosen as one of the New 7 Wonders of the Modern World. In voting conducted through the Internet and mobile messages, organized by the New 7 Wonders Foundation in Switzerland, Christ the Redeemer monuments competed with 21 participants from around the globe. To achieve this result, a major campaign was conducted in Brazil, with participation of the media, politicians, actors, artists and various organizations.

The statue of Christ the Redeemer is the most famous postcard of Brazil. It can be seen from various locations around the city of Rio de Janeiro.

Measurements of Christ the Redeemer statue
Location: Peak of Corcovado Mountain, 710m (2319,4 ft) above sea level
Visibility: 360 º
Total height of the monument: 38m (124,6 ft)
Height of the statue: 30m (98,43 ft)
Height of pedestal: 8m (26,25 ft)
Head Height: 3.75 m (12,3 ft)
Hand length: 3.20 m (10,5 ft)
Distance between the ends of the fingers: 28m (91,86 ft)
Weight of the statue: 1.145 tonnes
Head weight: 30 tons
Weight of each hand: 8 tons
Weight of each arm: 57 tons
Distance between the ends of the fingers: 30m (98,43 ft)
Opened: 12/10/1931

Famous visitors
Several of the famous visitors to Christ the Redeemer. In 1980, it was the turn of Pope John Paul II. Like him, also made the trip the scientist Albert Einstein, King Albert of Belgium and Princess Diana, among others

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