Cristo Redentor in Rio, Brazil

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Cristo Redentor in Rio – If you´ve been in Rio de Janeiro for a while, or in Brazil in general, you probably know that the weather in this tropical country can be quite confusing. In Rio, it actually rains more in the summer season than during winter.

A visit to Rio de Janeiro could not be considered complete without visiting Cristo Redentor, maybe the most famous tourist attraction in Rio and maybe in Brazil as a whole. When visiting this amazing monument, consider very carefully the weather conditions in the city and around. A very cloudy day would ruin your experience, while a good clear day will make it an unforgettable one.You really don´t want to pay those high entrance fees and see a big cloud.

Cristo Redentor in Rio

Cristo Redentor (Christ The Redeemer) has recently been named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World.

In Rio there was a lot of discussion as to the most cost efficient way to visit Christ the Redeemer. I’d recommend a public bus that drops you near enough at the entrance (ask hostel for bus number). It is possible to walk up (2 and a half hours), get the train or bus. A return bus journey was only 20 reales and the services are regular and efficient!


  • The base on its own is 28 feet high.
  • The world’s best known and most visited statue located atop Corcovado Mountain at 710 meters (2,343 feet).
  • The statue itself is 97 feet high and weighs 1,145 tons.
  • Located in the world’s largest urban forest.
  • Outstretched arms are 92.5 feet fingertip-to-fingertip.
  • Conceived in 1921 and built in 1931 with the help of the Vatican as a national monument to commemorate 100 years of independence from Portugal in 1922.
  • The statue was designed by the Polish-born French sculptor Paul Landowski and is constructed from cast concrete covered in tiles of pale green soapstone.
  • On 16th March 2006, a group of Greenpeace environmentalists climbed onto the monument’s right arm and hung a banner which read “The future of the planet is in your hands.”.
  • The monument was chosen in 2007 as one of the seven new marvels of the modern world organized by New 7 Wonders Foundation.

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