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With the next Olympic Games due to be held in Brazil, a lot of folk are concerned about staying in Rio de Janeiro. So how safe is it, What is the truth about the risks if you stay there.This article simply lets you know what I think about Rio.

When you research the most dangerous cities to visit in the world, Rio comes third!!. All over the place there are stories of theft, violence and murder, and they don’t seem to be exaggerated.

On the other side of the coin you will love the stunning Ipanema beach and the bikini clad ladies!!. Leblon Beach to the south is better still. Arpoador just south of Copacabana is surfers paradise hang out, but the Copacabana beach although world famous is actually not as wonderful as people say it is. Sugar Loaf Mountain plus the Giant Christ of Corcovado (Cristo Redentor)are absolute essentials for every tourist.

Rio de Janeiro

Leblon beach as previously discussed is another place to go. From here you will see the hillside favellas which are the slums where a wise man would not set foot. Buying things for me is a definite no-no because it adds so much weight and hassle to my packing on my travels. You can make an exception in Rio and that is at the weekend leather market. Whatever you do, never buy cheap, go for quality and bargain furiously and you can’t fail to get some great deals.

Taxis are a must at night. You will almost certainly be OK during the day in the main parts of town, just be careful of your possessions. Someone I know was almost mugged once in the few days she was in Rio. Someone in their group actually had a gold chain ripped from their neck. A woman had fought back against thieves in their hotel a few months earlier and had been thrown to her death on the eleventh floor. In the same hotel that year, the night staff had been tied up whilst two masked men systematically plundered the guest’s safe deposit boxes. All of this doesn’t sound very good, because it relates only to what one person said.

The Rio De Janeiro carnival is of course the big attraction for visitors. Attractive as it may be you need to balance the risks of being in a huge crowd and this puts me off.

Rio will be a safer and a cleaner place before the Olympics in 2016. There is no doubt the Brazilian authorities are working hard to clean Rio De Janeiro up before the Games.The big question is how far they will get in the remaining time, and it is unlikely they will be totally successful. It is important to understand that by that time Rio will be as safe as many other cities, and let’s be honest the Olympics are too big to miss.

Cristo Redentor

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